Monday, October 15, 2012

Pam's Style, Office Style Under $100 - 10.15.12

Today’s look is inspired by the effortless pastels I’m seeing for Spring 2013. I picked up this flowy top at T.J.Maxx over the weekend and decided it was unnecessary to wait several months to put it on. An H&M tank is layered underneath, and a leather jacket along with a scarf, keeps me warm when I’m outside. The denim-esque leggings are actually from Duane Reade and were an emergency purchase, caused by a fashion malfunction, on the way to a segment taping. The entire look, including the L.A.M.B. booties, which are also a T.J.Maxx score, is under $100.

Booties - L.A.M.B. via T.J.Maxx ; Necklace - White House Black Market
Moral of the story? There is no economic reason that a woman should not look good when she steps out of the house. Whether you’re going to the office, grocery store or picking up your kids from school, you should always put your best you forward. Ladies, we all know that looking good makes us feel good. It also helps us fight thru insecurities, personal hardship and professional setbacks. So, next time you want to shlep outside in old sweatpants, think about how simple it would be to just put on some form-fitting jeans or leggings? Oh, and don’t forget a little rouge

How do you put your best you forward? I welcome your comment here or via twitter @PamelaPekerman