Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Decoding Personal Style w/ Style Expert Pamela Pekerman

Everyone has style, you may just need some help decoding it.

1. Is there an era in fashion that most appeals to you?
2. Are there certain looks you see on celebrities that you love? How would you describe their style?
3. How did you decorate your home?
4. Is there a silhouette which garners you the most compliments?
5. Ask your husband, best friend, sister, coworker to describe how they perceive your style in three words? 
6. Ask yourself, how would you like others to describe your style? Compare that to the answers you received from others. 
7. Are you exuding the style, vibe, tone that you want?

Decoding your style doesn't happen overnight, but it's an essential journey that will help you shop smarter and avoid over trending on looks that really don't work for me. 

Watch the video below where I share my personal style.

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