Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pamela's Style Diary - 07.25.12

Skirt - Ann Taylor ; Lace top - Love on a Hanger ; Under shirt - Spanx ; Necklace - Josie Natori ; Shoes - Christian Louboutin ; Gold cuff - Robyn Rhodes
I purchased this skirt at the end of last summer, and finally got around to taking it to the tailors. It was a bit too long for my height and needed to be taken in a the back as well. Tailor, tailor, tailor! 

Where to buy: Ann Taylor, Love on a Hanger, Spanx, Robyn Rhodes
Gold/Coral Ring - inherited from grandma ; Shoes - Christian Louboutin ; Necklace - Josie Natori.
This is a sentimental assortment of accessories. The ring was given to me by my grandfather, when my paternal grandmother passed away. I had it sized and love it very much. The shoes are a perfect rose gold and served as my wedding shoes. They are also the first pair of Louboutins I ever purchased. Oh, and they were about $200! The necklace weighs a ton; it's real horn that has been burned to created different shades. I saw it during previews last year, and purchased it as a silent auction hosted by The Accessories Council for $75 (as compared to the $300 price tag). It's one of my most exiting (non-diamond) pieces. 

Where to buy: Josie Natori (mine is sold out, but she has other unique options)

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