Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where I Love to Shop and Eat, Los Angeles Addition

Here are three things that made my recent trip to LA even more memorable.

1. I couldn't pass up the chance to try Hot Dog on a Stick, while strolling along Santa Monica Beach. Holy omg craz-e town amazing! If my husband was around and wanted to get this I would scuff that it's unhealthy. But, now I know! NOW I've lived. A little fried hot dog does a body good. 

Hot Dog on a Stick = best lunch ever
2. There's only one store like it, for now. I'm talking about Kelly Wearstler's boutique. I couldn't leave LA this time without buying something. This perforated ring came home with me. Next time, it's going to be those fabulous box clutches you see in the background. 
Kelly Wearstler boutique, Melrose Avenue.
Kelly Wearstler ring
3. I've gone bananas for boba, a starchy tapioca bead that is placed into Urth Cafe's Green Tea slushy. Yumzoos. It's the only thing I had to see/eat twice, while I was in town.  
Green tea slush with boba beads from Urth Cafe on Melrose Avenue. 
PS In case you missed my bikini segment on Good Day LA, click here
Yes, they spelled my name wrong. It happens all the time. I may as well add the "c".

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